“The NO Snowflake Elite Fleet”
(Project Snowflake)

The No Snowflake Elite Fleet is mainly comprised of only the best of the best of the Service Transportations fleet of drivers. All drivers selected for this fleet at the time of start of the program earned this status by way of their availability to work and willingness to travel to any geographical area and run any load, no matter the customer or location without question or complaints. They all show superior skills in trip planning on a day to day basis and have a 100% on-time deliveries as well as no incidents or accidents. Project Snowflake is modeled after a select group of individuals in hopes to build a stronger and more dependable fleet of drivers.

Perks of being nominated in as a “No Snowflake Elite driver”:

  • $500 bonus paid immediately for being elected in (one-time payout)
  • .02 CPM raise added to your current mileage pay
  • No Snowflake Decals for your truck to indicate that you are part of the elite.
  • Additional $300 referral bonus to any member of the division that can refer a driver that we hire, who possess the qualities to be elected into the division after his 90 days of employment.

For more information on how to become part of this elite group of drivers call our Recruiter for details. (843) 537-9587 ext.5