Service Transportation places high standards on our professional drivers. In return we offer great hometime,  a full benefits package, best in class bonus and earnings potential and top of the line equipment. So what more could a driver want. Well a few extra spending dollars never hurts. So Service Transportation is happy to announce a 2nd half of 2017 $1000 giveaway, ZERO = $1000. From July 3rd, 2017, until December 31. 2017, any driver who remains free of preventable accidents,  has no loss time work injury, no roadside inspections with violations, no breakdowns of the drivers causing or worsening, no log citations, or violating of the hours of service rules for any reason, and no service failures due to driver error, will be entered into a drawing to receive $1000. High expectations are expected from every driver, and we hope to have every driver eligible for this prize. If you have any questions about this please contact the Safety Department at 843-537-9587 ext. 7.

Just like in golf where the low score wins, having zero issues in these areas can truly pay off.

Drive Safe, Drive Smart, Deliver Service.